How does our skin age?

We spend minimum seven hours of each day during our sleep. Low quality sleep does not allow skin’s natural self-renewal mechanism to repair itself. A good sleep improves skin’s natural self-renewal mechanism. The moisture loss of the skin means collagen-weakening wrinkles. Dehydration of the skin results less skin elasticity and may cause permanent lines to form. Undesired friction caused by traditional fibers, may result undesired irritation of the skin. Chemicals and detergent residue may harm your skin during sleeping period.  Besides our skin, our hair also plays a vital role in the aging processes.

             How does Anti-Aging Pillowcase work?

* İpeker Home uses the latest Vegan Sleep Technology as an answer to Anti-Aging. Specially produced Vegan Cupro Fabric is the key element of our Anti-Aging Pillowcase. First of all; unlike silk, Vegan Cupro is a cruelty-free, recycle, and easy care luxuries textile material.

* Some features of Vegan Cupro Pillowcase & Beauty Mask:

* Great Skin Gentleship: According to skin replica abrasion test, our pillowcase has the lowest abrasion compared to Cotton. It comforts sensitive skin and prevents irritation. Great skin gentleship may help Anti-Aging.

* Naturally Climatic: Vegan Cupro Pillowcase provides natural humidity and moisture control which prevents dehydration of the skin. It provides cool touch without any chemical usage. Natural climatic effect may help Anti-Aging.

* Low Detergent Residue: Our pillowcases are machine-washable and dryable. Comparing to Cotton pillowcases, Vegan Cupro pillowcase has less detergent residue, which means less detergent and chemical contamination during the sleep. Less detergent residue may help Anti-Aging.

* Antistatic Effect: Vegan Cupro Pillowcase is naturally antistatic. It provides great hair gentleship and may help reducing bed head. Hair is an important part of our fresh look. Antistatic effect of our pillowcase may help Anti-Aging.

  • Better Sleep: Smooth, luxuries, natural climatic Vegan Cupro Pillowcase is comfortable which ensures a better sleep. Better sleep may help Anti-Aging.


All of these features may help Anti-Aging by reducing the causes of skin aging.


Anti-Aging Pillowcases and Beauty Masks are made from waste of cotton and regenerated into Silky Vegan Cupro. Our pillowcases are recycled, biodegradable products, which ensures the highest standards of Sustainability.